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In the 19th century there was a great English pastor by the name of George Mueller. Pastor Mueller had become concerned that God's people had become discouraged and no longer expected God to do anything amazing.  In Pastor Mueller's assessment people no longer believed that God could or would answer prayers.  In other words, the Ordinary Christians of his time had very little faith in God and that lack of faith was expressed in how they lived their everyday lives.

About that time God began to do a work in George's life to start praying like he had never prayed before.  George's prayers were to ask God to assign him to a ministry that could only be done and explained by the Christians of his time as an act of God.  George wanted Christians to learn and believe that their God still heard their prayers and would be faithful to answer them, if they would just pray in faith and that faith only needed to be the size of a mustard seed.

God led Pastor Mueller to a particular Bible verse that he held onto for the rest of his life and in which he would place his trust God.  That Bible passage was:

"Open wide your mouth and I will fill it."  
Psalm 81:10

George believed that God was giving him a promise through that verse that He, God, and God alone would be the one to meet his needs and the needs of the ministry that God would assign him to do.  From that verse Pastor Mueller was led by God to a walk in faith which became a powerful example and testimony to everyone watching.  When George felt led by God to do some particular ministry, he would pray to God alone for the resources needed and told no one else of the need.

George wanted all to know that God had provided for the needs of the ministry through the answers of prayers of faith.  

Here are some of the things that God did through George Mueller during that "Walk of Faith" time of his ministry:

  • The Scriptural Knowledge Institute for distributing of scripture and for religious education was started.
  • He established 4 orphanages houses that cared for 2,000 children at a time. Over 10,000 children had been provided for through those orphanages.
  • He distributed over 8 million dollars that had been given to him in answer to prayer.  When he died at the age of 93, his personal worldly possessions were valued at only $800.00.
An important note here for us to emphasis here is that Pastor George Mueller "NEVER" asked anyone for any of the money that was given to him.

The Only Person That Rev. George Mueller Ever Asked For Help Was



Question #1:  How strong is your faith in God?
Question #2: Do you believe that God still answers our prayers?
Question #3: What ministry are you doing, as an act of faith, that God has led you to do?
Question #4: What will you do as an act of faith today?

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