Monday, June 30, 2014

Amazon Reviews On: THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE: A Journey Into Missioinal Living

This Little Light Of Mine: A Journey Into Missional Living is one of the newest and most powerful books on missional living! This simple to read book will inspire and lead the reader to create their own personal strategy for shining the Light of Christ into their part of this dark world. 

Read what others are saying, through Amazon Review, about THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE! These reviews are from ordinary christians, not professional clergy, who share their real impressions after reading the book.

"I just finished reading "This Little Light of Mine" by Jay Moore. I enjoyed this well written book that will be a wonderful instructional tool for the everyday believer on how to shine the light of Jesus with their circle of friends and family. He has taken a simple and engaging story about two little lights who found the courage to leave their comfort zone and go out into the dark world to share their light. Then he has offered some well thought out plans on how we as believers can do the same. I would recommend this book for those who want to do this this but just aren't sure how."  Nancy Miller

"A few weeks ago, I pulled a man from jumping off a 600 foot high bridge; he wanted to die. I may have bought him a few more days to live, but what is life in comparison to the destiny of his eternal soul? As he ranted and raved, crying out that no-one cared about him, I assured him I did care. What I didn’t do in this moment of crisis was to lead him into a relationship with Christ. What I didn’t do was provide the message to save his soul instead of just his body. This event settled heavily on my heart over the next weeks as I realized that all my years of church going didn’t prepare me for this moment. I determined I would never miss another divine appointment to share Jesus with those I come across every day. Jay’s book was a timely answer to this desire and there is not enough room to describe the impact it has had on my life. It is exactly the tool I needed. This Little Light of Mine provides the missing link between Christianity and the real world, and in applying its message, I now live prepared to share Christ with others. Jay’s writings reveal a pastor’s heart to teach the truth, convert hearts, and disciple the remnant of hurting men and women living outside the sanctity of a church building. The book is a long overdue guide for those who want to take their faith out of the buildings and into natural flow of life. Randy Shepherd

"Loved this book it's simple basic principles explained so you know what God wants from you. The mirror unveiled so to speak. Jay lets you see how the love God has given to each of us is to be shared daily as we go out and do our normal activities how Gods plan fits into the life we live. Thanks Jay it inspired and motivated me to open my eyes at those who around me and be aware of what they need to be able to see God's love for them." Terri Barry

"This is a book that needs to be shared by the pastors and leaders of all churches with their congregations. This Little Light of Mine clearly defines the purpose of our lives, to tell others the Good News! Pastor Jay paints an accurate picture of the state of the world as well as the mind set of the North American Church and then clearly and simply outlines a strategy to bring about light into darkness and revival among the followers! This movement will be brought forward not by the trained and ordained but by the everyday ordinary believer that has a heart for the lost and feels the burden of the Great Commission. With this book, those everyday ordinary believers will be equipped and ready to be unleashed to go out and make disciples of all the nations!" Debbie Harvey

"This little book is practical, easy to read and understand, and applicable in it's approach for today's believer. It gives clear and plain direction to keep one's life in Christ alive and flourishing, and to share with others. I recommend this book to anyone new to the faith or older in faith to inspire anyone and everyone to move forward with the gospel of Christ." Mary Moore

"Straight-forward street talk! The heart of this book is a compelling call for Christ followers to get back to the basics in daily demonstrations of God's love. It's a call to merge your faith with your daily living, no matter where you are. The author emphasizes the significance of every believer's unique mission field outside of the church. Perhaps the best part is that Jay doesn't leave the reader dangling after stirring their hearts. Instead, he provides practical tools for carrying out the call: Living a Christ centered life that remains in view of others and touches the people we encounter every single day. You won't put this book down without having experienced an inspirational perspective change."  Barbette Shepherd

"Jay Moore has written a book addressing the common problem in churches today of people going to church but never going out into the Mission Field of their own lives.  He addresses the problem of never leaving your comfort zone of the pew and being a light to the world around you especially in our nation today.I felt it was well written for the common Christian man and women, with practical steps to gain comfort in sharing your faith through your own experiences in your walk with Christ.  I found myself these last two weeks praying that God would make me bold and shine the light that he has put in me to the people I meet every day.  Before I read the book I had a couple of experiences where I was able to share a small version of my testimony with two people in distress and how God worked in my life. I've asked that they keep the door open for me to stay in touch.  Highly recommend this book."  Johnnie Moore Robinson

"Brother Jay Moore has authored this challenging, insightful and illustrative tool that can be used by Christian individuals and church leaders to study and train other congregational members, why and how to bring light and life to people who are living in the darkness of unbelief. This is a book that is Kingdom minded. The first message is a story that illustrates a problem that has been plaguing the Church for years. In many cases some church attendees seem to come to church, but they walk out the doors and don't pass the message on to those outside who haven't heard it. In some cases many people who come to church do everything they can to make themselves look good to the other members of the church, instead of glorifying God, Who blessed them with this gift. The book also gives instruction on how to gain a missional mindset and how to effectively bring that mindset to the mission fields. The step-by-step instructions are clear to understand and easy to implement. I highly recommend every Christian to read this book and serve to the glory of the King and His Kingdom." Ric Worshill

Again, this book is written for the ordinary Christian who has a sincere desire to share Jesus and shine His Light brightly in this dark world but just don't know where to start!  If you have always desired to be a more powerful witness for Christ and a brighter Light shining for Jesus' glory then you need to get and read this book!

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