Friday, November 15, 2013


What exactly is the goal for living a missional life?  If you you're going to invest your time, energy and  life for something you should know why?  Answering this important question will give you the answer to the "Why"!
Take a few minute and watch this important training video for missional living and then ask yourself if your life is effectively striving to fulfill this Christ given goal.

Now that you've watch this training how well is your life striving to reach Christ's goal? Are you doing all that you should be doing to accomplish it? If not, why not? Do you just need more training or do you need a heart transplant? What do I mean by "Heart Transplant"? Do you need to develop a heart like that of God?
Keep coming back we have lots of new training for missional living that we will be adding on a regular basis!

I want to provide you weekly encouragement as you strive to live a powerful missional life by offering you a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to the weekly Missional Devotionals that we send out to hundreds of people all over the world. They are FREE, so claim yours now.


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