Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Johnnie Robinson's Amazon Book Review of: THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE: A Journey Into Missional Living

"Jay Moore has written a book addressing the common problem in churches today of people going to church but never going out into the Mission Field of their own lives.
He addresses the problem of never leaving your comfort zone of the pew and being a light to the world around you especially in our nation today.

I felt it was well written for the common Christian man and women, with practical steps to gain comfort in sharing your faith through your own experiences in your walk with Christ.
I found myself these last two weeks praying that God would make me bold and shine the light that he has put in me to the people I meet every day.

Before I read the book I had a couple of experiences where I was able to share a small version of my testimony with two people in distress and how God worked in my life. I've asked that they keep the door open for me to stay in touch.  Highly recommend this book."

Johnnie Robinson

This book is available on Amazon.com in both paperback and kindle formate.  It's a book designed to empower, encourage and equip ordinary christians to live powerful missional lives where the Light of Christ shine brightly through them and into their part of this dark world.  It's written to take a person who has absolutely no clue on where to begin in missional living and will instruct them in the 3 basic skills necessary for an effective missional life.

If it's been your desire to always live a life for Christ in missional living but just haven't know where to start this book is for you and will help you start that journey.  This will be a must read book for you!


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