Thursday, January 9, 2014


No matter how you cut it, life is filled with trials, tribulations and difficult times and as a result people tend to worry and fret over what will become of it all.  But for those who are Followers of Christ who are actively and intentionally joining Christ on His mission of redeeming a lost world the trials, tribulations and difficult times are multiplied.  In addition to all the normal difficulties of life Missional Christians also fight a spiritual battle of Satan trying to discourage the believer. But in the midst of all these struggles we hear the voice of Jesus ring out saying,
” … do not be anxious for your life … ” Matthew 6:25 (NAS)
Notice what Jesus didn’t say,  He didn’t say, “Try not to worry to much!”  No, He just told us to stop it!  But how?  How can you stop worry about the unknown that follows a trial and tribulation?  Well lucky for us Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, not only tells us to stop it but He also tells us the cure for the worried life and how to experience peace instead!
This is so important for those who are intentionally living a missional life because this kind of lifestyle will be filled with lots of difficult trials and tribulations and if your faith is not firmly rooted in Christ you will literally worry yourself to death as you attempt to live a missional life.
So today, we are going to look at 4 reason why we shouldn’t worry!
4 Reasons For Why You Shouldn’t Worry  (Matthew 6: 25-34)
#1:  Because There’s More To Life Than Your Worries!
”  do not be anxious for your life. Is not life more than food, and body more than clothing.”  (v. 25 NAS)
The truth of the matter is that when we worry or get anxious about something we are focusing on a very small part of our life.  Whether we worry about food, clothing, health, work, or finances the truth of the matter is that these are just a small part of what makes up our  lives.  Life is also filled with many other things. These others things are good and pleasing and amazing.  When we worry we are choosing to not look at the good things that are going on in our lives.
#2:  Because Worry Doesn’t Accomplish Anything!
“And who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life.” (v. 27 NIV)
Think about it for a moment!  What does worry do for you?  What does it change?  Does the energy you spend on worry help to fix the issue or the problem?  No!  Absolutely not!  Can worry give you a longer life?  No. Actually, science now says that worry can shorten your life.  It can contribute to all kinds of physical problems that can lead to a diminished healthy life.  So, I ask what good does worrying do for you?  No good at all !

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