Monday, October 29, 2012


In North America we live in a time where people are desperate and need hope.  As Followers of Christ it is our place to lift up people in prayer to God and ask God to meet their needs and thus show himself as real.  In Tucson Fellowship Of The Cross sponsored a Community Prayer Fair where we invited the community to come out to a park and receive for whatever need they had.  There is power in prayer for our God is all powerful. I would encourage you to consider sponsoring a prayer fair in your own community.

Suggestions For Hosting A Prayer Fair:

  1. Conduct it in a public place like a city park surrounded by a neighborhood and not at your church facility.
  2. Have music playing either with a live band or piped in using your ipod.
  3. Have 2 to 3 people ready to give their personal testimony over the the speakers to share the power, presence and provision of Christ.
  4. Have prayer warriors trained and posted in different places around the park.
  5. Have a welcome table where you can pass out Bibles and to escort them to where different prayer warriors are at.
  6. Share the plan of salvation and how people can come to faith in Christ.


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